Security Guards Protection Plan

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Security Guards put their life at risk on a daily basis to protect what is dear to us

In many cases these Guards find themselves having to defend these valuables with force and in very dangerous circumstances.

In some cases the Guards find themselves in trouble with the law due to the nature of their work and with very little recourse or resources to defend them.  For this reason More Than Legal developed this product, which defends a Guard during the execution of his/her duties but also in his/her own time against arrest or legal action taken against him/her.

The Product

The Security Guards Protection Plan (SGPP) is a legal defensive product offered by More Than Legal (Pty) LTD (MTL). It offers insurance protection in the event of arrest for any alleged criminal offence committed during the line and execution of the guards’ duties.

If you would like to receive more information or you need an application form, please feel free to contact us.

What We Cover

The policyholder has access to 24-hour legal advice for any matter.

We further offer the policyholder legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Civil Matters that arise from relevant facts in a court of law, constituted body or other independent forums.
  • Criminal Matters in which the policyholder is charged with a criminal offence that arises from relevant facts, without the policyholder having the option of paying an admission of guilt fine, which is covered in terms of this agreement and occurs in the Republic of South Africa.
  • Bail Cover, up to a value of R5,000 per matter, with legal representation up to the value of the maximum offered by the policy. (In other words; any amount payable to the state in order to secure the guards’ release pending finalisation of the court case up to a maximum of the prescribed benefit)
  • We will also cover the policyholder in the event of any alleged criminal offence whilst off duty.

The policy has a maximum of R40,000 per matter with a total limit of R120,000 per year.

Who Is Covered

The following people are covered by this policy:

  • The person in whose name the telephonic recorded application is completed.
  • If the member is a citizen of RSA, residing in the RSA, permanent resident of the RSA, or in possession of a valid RSA work permit.

Indemnity Period

No claims will be accepted in the first 1 months of the policy. However, legal advice is available from day 1.  No claims that originated before the sign-up date will be covered by this policy.

Claims Procedure

Claims must be made within 30 days of the matter arising or from date of notice given to the policyholder.