Educators Protection Plan

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Teachers and educators are increasingly working in an undisciplined environment.

This product offers the educator protection through mediation in the event of verbal, emotional, psychological and physical abuse from learners/students and also against the parents of learners/students.

Research overwhelmingly suggest that effective teaching and learning can occur only in a safe and secure school environment.  However, despite the plethora of laws and acts protecting teachers and learners in South African schools, scores of them are still unsafe.

South African Journal of Education vol 31 n.2 Pretoria Jan. 2011

Violent behaviour at our schools is out of control and the solution poses a major headache for the country.

Pretoria News, Ntando Makhubu, 7 October 2013

52% of SA Teachers abused by Pupils.

Eye Witness News, Lindiwe Mlandu, 20 October 2013

The Product

The Educators Protection Plan is a mediation product offered by More Than Legal (Pty) LTD (MTL). It offers insurance protection in the event of verbal, emotional, physical or psychological abuse by learners/students or parents of learners/students to the policyholder.

If you would like to receive more information or you need an application form, please feel free to contact us.

What We Cover

We offer the policyholder Mediation services against abuse from learners/students and against parents of learners/students.

The policyholder has access to 24-hour legal advice for any other matters.

The policy has a maximum of R40,000 per matter with a total limit of R100,000 per year for 2 independent cases per year. Each mediation session consist of 4 individual mediation sessions with 5 over the phone pre-mediation sessions to assess the merits of the claim.

The policy includes an ad hoc cover of R 10 000 per matter for any form of counselling the educator may need as a result of the abuse. The referral to such ad hoc counselling sessions will be on the recommendation of the mediator subject to approval and the circumstances of the claim.

The policy also has a backup; in the event that the opposing party refuses to participate in the mediation process, litigation action can be instituted with a maximum of R 20 000 per matter subject to approval.  (This is only available on the Educators Protection Plan & VIP Loyalty Plan combination option.)

Mediation Process

The mediation process starts with an abuse against the educator from a learner/student or parent/s of a learner/student. The educator contacts MTL to lodge an official claim.  The claim form will require a certain amount of information to assess the validity of the claim and the most appropriate course of action.  At this point the educator also indicates what the desired outcome would be.

MTL will process the claim and forward the relevant information to the appropriate service provider.  A maximum of 5 over the phone pre-mediation phone calls will take place to determine the details of the abuse.  A report will be compiled by the service provider and sent back to MTL for assessment and final approval of the claim.

Once the claim is approved MTL will require that the policyholder pay the excess fee and once proof of payment is received the mediation process will commence with an instruction to the service provider from MTL.

The service provider will make contact with the head of the learning institution informing him/her of the claim and that a mediation process needs to be put in place in a discreet and professional manner.

The opposing party will be contacted with the request for a mediation session.

The mediation process will commence as soon as all parties agree to an appropriate time and place. The mediator has a mandate from MTL to resolve the claim in an objective and discreet manner so as to come to a win-win solution for all parties concerned.  There is a maximum limit of 4 mediation sessions from which to resolve the claim.

If in the event of the opposing party having legal representation at the mediation session, MTL will appoint a lawyer to accompany the policyholder (only if they have taken the VIP legal plan). The mediator handling the case will enquire about this before the mediation session and to his/her best ability will motivate to the opposing party why it is not a good idea to have legal representation involved.

Once completed and a resolution is been agreed upon, the mediator will write a final report to MTL to close off the claim.